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Bioenergetics and Astral Medicine


The term Bioenergetics covers the different fields of the human being’s existence; it includes all our vital functions and the different planes in which the being coexists in a multidimensional way.

Through a kinesiologic test, in this case using the feet, we can reach all the states of being, in fluid communication with the superconscious mind or the soul of the client, from where we can carry out a tracking of the aura, diagnosing and treating the alterations.

That way we can give a more complete approach, by reconnecting the aspects of the soul that were altered prior to the manifestation of physical illness.

Before gestation, the physical illness starts with alterations of thought, which produce emotional sequels, which alter the biodynamic system of the person.

We focus on aligning chakras, repairing auric leaks, eliminating parasitic energies, energetic divorce, cutting ties, canceling psychic attacks and witchcraft, extracting and assisting wandering souls or deceased family members who may be interfering with the patient by vibratory transfer, treating some marks on the soul before sending them to higher planes, among other practices.

If you are already a therapist, this course will be very useful for you. You will be able to apply this protocol of spiritual cleansing and clearing of interferences which will make your therapy more effective.


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