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I AM Mariana del Hoyo

I was born in Montevideo, Uruguay, and I currently dedicate my life to the practice, diffusion and teaching of Psychospiritual Biomagnetic Pair Therapy, PUMS Method, Bioionics and Bioenergetics by means of Quantum Factors in different countries.

Since childhood I learned healing techniques with my grandfather Julián González, who was a researcher and author on spiritualism, naturism, hydrotherapy and psycho-spiritual cleansing. There, my curiosity led me to investigate different forms of spirituality and healing, training me in different methods and developing healing techniques on the basis of my own experiences, which gave answers and solution to phenomena that usually appears in the alternative therapists’ consulting rooms, especially in those who practice the Biomagnetic Pair.

My investigations lead me to develop the techniques of “Psychospiritual Biomagnetic Pair”, “Astral Medicine”, “Singular Atom” Activation Technique, Deep Biomagnetic Pair Traces and other physical and spiritual healing techniques which I teach in my courses.

Incorporating the PUMS Method changed my perspective and therapeutic efficiency, and that is why I teach courses focused on it.

I came into contact with Biomagnetism techniques in 2012 and since then I have trained with several teachers, which led me to investigate further into the matter, transcending it and making fundamental contributions.

I am the founder of “Expande tu Conciencia Centro Holístico” (Holistic Center Expand your Consciousness), based in Cusco, Peru. This center is located in one of the most magical, emblematic and powerful places on the planet, just in front of the ancient and mysterious “Temple of the Moon”, a place of worship and adoration from immemorial times.

From here, I established this center to spread knowledge about healing and spirituality, promoting the opening of the human being to spaces of growth and improvement.


of experience

2000 estudiantes


16 CIties

9 Countries


To train holistic therapists in Biomagnetic Pair and Bioionics focused on the PUMS Method, granting all levels of technique. To increase tracking efficiency through the application of Bioenergetics, integrating emotional and spiritual healing techniques.


To expand these Biomagnetism and Advanced Bioenergetic techniques, offering all the knowledge at my disposal so that the therapist incorporates all the tools through a complete, intensive and experiential course.

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