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Therapeutic Protocols

Due to the pandemic emergency this year, I have offered to share tracking protocols freely for those therapists who would like to use them.

They are being applied with very good success. The approach is for Biomagnetic Pair therapists, who introduce the tracking of the PUMS Method, which makes the approach more profound and efficient for locating alteration phenomena and their corresponding treatment.

Here you will find some of these protocols to download, with their corresponding instructional video.

487 Emotional Biomagnetic Pairs

Spinal Column Tracking

Release of Ancestral Emotions

Bioionic and Biomagnetic Broncho-Pulmonar

Spinal Bulb Tracking
PUMS and Biomagnetic Pair

Activate Brodmann Areas

IMPORTANT: The techniques, procedures and all the information contained in this publication are only intended to divulge and facilitate the investigation of this alternative and complementary therapy. The author is not giving advice, diagnosis or prescriptions directly or indirectly. The author is not responsible for errors, omissions and consequences that may derive from the application of the information contained, and for this same reason no formal or implicit guarantee is issued regarding the use or application of the contents of this publication. Likewise, we are letting you know this material is edited with the purpose of advertizing and informing this alternative and complementary therapy that uses magnetic fields of medium intensity, therefore, the full responsibility falls on whoever applies what is described in this publication.

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