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Bio-Magnetic Psychospiritual Pair


It is a non-invasive, alternative and complementary therapy, which uses magnetic fields of medium intensity. Magnets work by stabilizing the pH of affected areas, eliminating parasite, bacterial, fungal and viral infections, as well as restoring energy fluids in the body and releasing emotions, bringing homeostasis to the body.

Discovered by Dr. Isaac Goiz Durán in 1988, it has been applied with excellent results.

Through a kinesiological test, which gives us an intelligent muscular response from the superconscious mind of the client, a protocol of Biomagnetic pairs can be tracked, which are related to points of acidity or alkalinity, where microorganisms that make humans sick can be accommodated. Negative or positive magnetic charges are applied according to demand.


With this procedure we can also address the psychospiritual state of the client and give appropriate treatment. Currently there are almost a thousand Biomagnetic Pairs discovered related to organic dysfunctions, infections from pathogenic microorganisms and emotional or spiritual states.

The different levels refer to the number of pairs (325 in classical school, which are taught in two levels) and the method to find the Biomagnetic Pairs.

The method refers to the way the Biomagnetic Pairs are tracked, which the client needs to depolarize to achieve an optimal level of energy or a neutral PH that will make pathogens unable to develop or make the patient sick.

Nowadays the technique has been enriched by different master researchers and we have an average of one thousand Pairs discovered.

In my training process with different teachers it was difficult to understand why the levels were taught in modules, since it only varies the way to find the Pairs and the number of Pairs delivered. I designed a methodology that integrates the different levels in a course that is very intense, experiential and transformative for each participant, so that in the practice they could incorporate step by step, during the course, all the forms and variants to test and depolarize Biomagnetic Pairs.

In my courses I synthesize the knowledge from the different Biomagnetics teachers and expand the technique with spiritual liberation techniques, bringing the therapist to a total and holistic understanding of the client, solving points that are usually overlooked, such as spiritual and emotional affections. The intensive modality focuses on advanced levels to perform therapy; therefore, you won’t need to take other additional modules.


Furthermore, I transcend the classic BIOMAGNETIC PAIR therapy by incorporating new accomplishments to the technique, resulting from my research and experience, which are: the bioenergetic tracking of more than one thousand Pairs; the discovering of new Pairs; the addition of deep anatomical tracing techniques, which are complemented with spinal column calibration and readjustment techniques, transcending preset Pairs; the use of new protocols, such as the Brodmann Areas, which focus on the neuronal part; the incorporation of the PUMS Method to the approach, which takes the BIOMAGNETIC PAIR to new horizons, increasing the precision and therapeutic efficiency; and applying BIOIONICS, which is done without the application of physical magnets, obtaining excellent results.

The course is fully practical and experiential. Each student will perform and offer therapy. The course is transformational, since it heals at different levels for each one of the participants.

You will receive a book with the Pairs protocol, digital material and post-course assistance that I personally attend through online groups.

No prior knowledge is necessary.

You only need a pendrive to load the teaching materials for the course.


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