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Train yourself through a holistic approach in Psychospiritual Biomagnetic Pair, Bioionics and Astral Medicine, techniques that complement each other and enhance therapeutic effectiveness.

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With these three combined techniques we can holistically address and resolve the different phenomena that alter human health.

Biomagnetic Pair

Alternative and complementary therapy, which uses magnetic fields of medium intensity. Magnets work by stabilizing the pH of affected areas, eliminating parasite, bacterial, fungal and viral infections, as well as restoring energy fluids in the body and releasing emotions, bringing homeostasis to the body.

PUMS Method

Bioenergetic therapeutic method. By tracking specific areas, it allows to detect alterations and etiological factors within them, with their respective elimination, repair and regeneration treatments.

Bioenergetics and Astral Medicine

The discovery of the BIOMAGNETIC PAIR THERAPY opened our mind’s borders to the various physical-spiritual phenomena that have a decisive influence on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health of the human being.


I am Mariana del Hoyo. I was born in Montevideo, Uruguay, and have dedicated my life to the practice, research, diffusion and teaching of Psychospiritual Biomagnetic Pair Therapy, PUMS Method, Bioionics and Bioenergetics by means of Quantum Factors and Astral Medicine in different countries.

I am also a therapist in Holographic Biomagnetism, Theta Healing, Radionics, and Hydrotherapy, working as spiritual coach, author and artist.

Join and be part of my courses, which I have designed with a methodology that integrates the different levels of technique in deep, intensive and experiential workshops. I hope to meet you soon!




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